If you are interested in the future of mobility, you are constantly in search of good books dealing with the topic. I recently curated a list of books that I think are a must-read when it omes to sustainable mobility. You can find my list of the best books on how to make transport & mobility sustainable at Shepherd.

At the top my list “The future is Asian” by Parag Khanna. The book shows how the future of our planet will be decided in Asia. It teaches us that when we aim to tackle climate change with impactful measures, it is not about America or Europe but about Asia.
With its tremendous size and growth in population, Asia will be the dominant continent in the world and therefore be key to solving the climate crisis.

Book cover of The Future Is Asian: Commerce, Conflict, and Culture in the 21st Century

Shepherd is a great resource to find the best books in almost any category you can think of. I also shared the list of my best reads in 2023 with Shepherd, you can find it here.